GUIDED MINDFULNESS MEDITATIONS is a website designed, developed, and maintained by Mary Waldon, Ph.D.,  LCSW. Mary started this website as a means to share guided meditations with the patients she sees in her private practice. Since the recordings were so well received, she decided to make them available to the general public. She hopes you enjoy this gift of mindfulness! Please spread the word! You can also find more meditations by Mary and other qualified meditation teachers on Insight Timer. Download the app, search “Mary Waldon,” and enjoy for FREE!

Mary Waldon, PhD, LCSW

Mary Waldon, Ph.D., LCSW specializes in helping teen girls and their families change their behavior, improve their communication, and develop deeper, more meaningful connections. At her office in Winnetka, IL, Mary works to cultivate effective solutions to challenges that impact family cohesiveness, mental health, social relationships, individual empowerment, and school performance. Based on her extensive training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mary takes a skill-development approach that yields results that can be both felt and measured. She focuses on what works to change behavior, improve self-perception, and create deeper connections within the family.

In addition to being a licensed clinical social worker, Mary has hosted several podcasts including The Mary Waldon Show, she is a certified mindfulness meditation instructor (MBSR – Teen), and a 3HO-certified Kundalini Yoga instructor.  Mary has been a daily meditator for over twenty years and has been formally trained in mindfulness meditation, Transcendental Meditation, and, in 2009, in the TM-Sidhis program.